Girl, Danielle Morgenrood, using hand to pull down brim of straw hat to cover eyes

Hey There!

Welcome to GOMO, we are a family with a great understanding of the needs and wants across multiple generations.  We each have our distinct interests in different product categories with years of experience in trialling products from these lines. We know what works, we know what doesn't and we’ve got an impeccable vision for where the future of products are heading.  

We felt like we were constantly searching for products that just weren’t readily available in NZ. From there we became committed to seeking these products out,  for ourselves and our community. We are inspired by the vast and rapid changes the market goes through and want to be a part of delivering the latest and most up to date items, in all areas, to our community.


From Dani  

empy white room with wall panelling and shaddows


To deliver excellence across all product lines, we dedicate time and resources to research the market needs, habits, and motives. We are constantly looking for efficient, well-functioning, and the most useful products at affordable prices. New Zealand has always been the last to release innovative and valuable products, and as consumers, we are often forced to order these products from overseas. So, we aim to change that.  To put New Zealanders at the forefront of the latest trends, or at least bring Kiwis up to speed with the rest of the world.